Friday, April 10, 2009


APPOLINE FOUNDATION, Chennai, India, is guided by the vision of one man, whose initiative has extended in setting up our Foundation. Mr. Francis Jeyaraj is the founder of APPOLINE Foundation. His initiative in the form of APPOLINE FOUNDATION is only a significant effort to repay the society that has nurtured him.

Add Pupil Profile Overall Life Improvement and Nurture Empowerment”

"Education - A golden key that opens up a whole new world of opportunity, yet millions of the underprivileged are deprived of the same, especially the children. In the journey of their lifetimes, they walk in the narrow path of illiteracy, ignorance and poverty."When it comes to children, we at the APPOLINE FOUNDATION believe in making a difference. A difference which really matters. We are a registered, voluntary, charitable educational trust committed towards providing access to education for the "Meritorious Underprivileged" children without looking into their caste, creed, race or religion. As a charitable educational trust, the Foundation aims at-

"Provide merit based educational sponsorships for "Meritorious Underprivileged" children in need.

  • Develop a non-profit educational institution with a sole purpose of providing access to education for the "Meritorious Underprivileged" children.

  • Providing alternate / parallel support systems for the child's overall personality development.

  • Affiliating with international educational organizations like the UN, UNICEF on related educational initiatives.


    To provide education related support, both monetary & in the form of material needs such as books, uniforms & accommodation costs etc., for the "Meritorious Underprivileged" children, irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion.


  • To identify and provide education related support for the "Meritorious Underprivileged" children in need.

  • To develop libraries, study centers, educational materials etc., for the "Meritorious Underprivileged".

  • To develop a no profit / no loss educational infrastructure exclusively for the "Meritorious Underprivileged" children by the near future.

  • To liaise with international organizations like UNICEF, UN & other related NGO's, both in India & abroad for Professional support & fulfillment of Foundation's goals and objectives.

  • To organize seminars, capacity building workshops, leadership training & personality development programs for people belonging to all walks of life.

  • To publish educational materials, pamphlets, booklets and journals propagating Foundation's goals and objectives.

  • To develop state of art resource center using the latest technology for dissemination of education related information.